Save On Your Water Bill – Install A Rainwater Tank

Save On Your Water Bill – Install A Rainwater Tank

Don’t let rainwater go to waste!

Everyone has to use water on a daily basis, but a high water bill isn’t exactly a welcome expense. Luckily, there is a way to reduce your bill.

When you install a rainwater tank, you’re able to take advantage of rainwater for your water needs. While it won’t be enough for all your needs, it will be enough to help you save on your water bill.

Rainwater Is 100% Free

Even though Sydney Water is reducing water bills, you still have a bill to pay. However, rainwater is completely free. Whether you use a little or a lot, as long as you’re collecting rain, that water is free to use. Outside of actually getting and installing a rainwater tank, there aren’t any extra costs.

Prepare For Dry Spells

During a drought, water restrictions limit how much water you can use. Using more results in additional fees. Circumvent this problem easily by having rainwater already stored. Instead of worrying if you can wash your clothes or not, you’ll know you have plenty of water on hand to do so.

A Larger Tank Equals More Savings

According to Sydney Water, the average single lot dwelling uses 623 L per day. Depending on the amount of rain in a year, you could potentially harvest around 100,000 L per year just from runoff from your roof. Over the course of a year, you’ll have saved approximately 160 days worth of water. Now, imagine seeing that savings on your water bill.

Using Rainwater                                         

You can use rainwater for nearly anything. While you’ll need a filtration system to ensure it’s safe to drink, most people tend to use rainwater for laundry, flushing toilets and even watering their garden areas. The more you plan to use rainwater, the larger tank you’ll need to install.

A small tank means you’ll likely run out during the summer months. You can choose which areas to direct water to, such as just using rainwater for laundry versus drinking.

Professional Installation

While you can install a rainwater tank yourself, it’s easier to let professionals, such as Buzz Plumbing, handle it. This ensures it’s properly connected to your home and all valves and pumps are correctly installed. It’s also vital to ensure a way to easily switch between rainwater and your service provider.

Interested in learning more about saving on your water bill with a rainwater tank? Contact Buzz Plumbing today!