Noisy Water Pipes Aren’t Just A Symptom Of An Older House

Noisy Water Pipes Aren’t Just A Symptom Of An Older House

Noisy pipes happen in old and new homes.

All those noisy pipes you hear aren’t just a sign that your home’s getting older. In fact, it could mean you need to contact a plumber immediately.

Look at the noises as a good thing. At least you’re getting a warning that something’s wrong. This means your local experts at Buzz Plumbing can come to the rescue and fix the problem before it gets worse.

Loud Banging While Running Water

If you’re hearing a loud banging or knocking sound when you turn on the water, the issue could be high water pressure. The higher the pressure, the harder it rushes through the pipes. The sound you hear is the water rushing through so fast that it shakes the pipes. The more the pipes bounce against other pipes or your walls, the easier it is for them to bust or spring a leak.

Random Loud Bang

Noisy pipes while running water might be expected, but what about a loud bang randomly? The sudden bang you hear while you’re sitting around watching TV is called water hammer. Your pipes contain valves and air chambers or a water hammer arrestor to prevent this noise. A closed valve or a failed arrestor means your fast flowing water has hit a sudden stop. The constant pressure at the valve or in pipe joints could result in a busted pipe.

Rattling Pipes

A rattling sound might not seem quite as disturbing as the other sounds, but it’s no less serious. Rattling pipes mean that your pipes aren’t secured. If the pipe straps break or aren’t properly secured, the pipes rattle around as water flows through them. Even though the noise isn’t overly loud, it’s still important to get the pipes secured to stop the rattling and prevent the situation from worsening.

Ominous Rumbling

If you hear a deep rumbling, it doesn’t mean your home is hungry or old. It likely means you have a sediment build up in your water heater. Water within the sediment boils when it gets trapped. The only solution is to drain out some water, but it’s dangerous to work with the hot water in your water heater unless you’re a professional plumber.

Don’t try to tackle noisy pipes on your own. Contact the expert plumbers in Sydney to silence those pipes for you.