New Hot Water System? Why You Should Let Expert Plumbers Handle It

New Hot Water System? Why You Should Let Expert Plumbers Handle It

Let experts handle your new system to get your hot water back quickly.

It’s tempting to try and install a new hot water system yourself. You want to save money, so why bother to call a plumber?

The truth is, trying to do it yourself could actually cost you more and take far longer. With expert plumbers, you get your system installed quickly and you’re ready for a nice, hot shower in no time.

Know Your Options

Your first thought is probably to go with the same type of hot water system you have now, but do you realise what other options are available? From electric and gas to solar systems, you have more variety than ever before. So which one is best for your needs? This is why it’s best to talk to a professional to weigh the pros and cons. Choosing a different type of system could make a drastic difference in your energy consumption and reduce your power bill.

Understanding Regulations

Beginning in January 2010, regulations changed regarding new hot water heater installations. Until 2013, electric systems were no longer an option. However, in February 2013, this law was repealed. One regulation that still remains is a tempering device must be fitted to a replacement or new hot water system.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Here is the biggest reason you should let expert plumbers handle the hot water system installation for you – save yourself money. If you do it yourself, you’ll need to figure out how to turn off the main water valve, buy the right tools, try to lift heavy parts (depending on your system), and hope you reconnect everything correctly.

If you don’t connect things properly, you could face a costly leak and spend days trying to repair the damage. Another issue is you may not need a completely new system. For instance, low water pressure could signal a different issue, meaning you need a repair versus a new hot water system. That alone saves you money.

Only the professionals are able to fully diagnose what’s wrong with your current system and whether your system needs to be replaced. Plus, plumbers help you decide which system works with with your needs, such as a system to better regulate temperature to avoid scalding children or seniors.

If you’re thinking of replacing your hot water system, let your local plumbing services in Sydney and Gosford handle everything for you.