How To Avoid Costly Plumbing Bills (6 Quick Tips)

How To Avoid Costly Plumbing Bills (6 Quick Tips)

It’s possible to avoid costly plumbing disasters.

No one enjoys costly plumbing bills, but all it takes is a single mistake to create a plumbing nightmare.

By following a few simple rules, you’ll be able to avoid major bills and disasters. While we’re always happy to help at Buzz Plumbing, we also want to help you save money.

Here are some of the worst mistakes you can make that result in emergency calls to your local plumber.

Flushing The Wrong Things

Toilets are only meant to flush a select few things – water, your potty and toilet paper. Nothing else should ever be flushed. Makeup wipes, sanitary napkins, paper towels, flushable wipes and of course, kids toys aren’t meant for your toilet. These clog drains and if it does make it through, it doesn’t break down fast enough, leading to septic tank issues.

Pouring Everything Down The Drain

Much like your toilet, your sink drain isn’t meant to handle everything. Oil and grease are the biggest culprits. They congeal and cause massive clogs. Hunks of food build up on the sides of pipes, clogging the drain. If in doubt, throw it in the trash instead. The last

Digging Without Calling

Your yard has pipes that run to your home. Digging in the wrong spot could result in busted pipes, cutting off your water supply. Always dial before your dig to have the pipes and any underground power lines marked.

Overloading The Fixtures

It’s tempting to prop up your feet on the tub’s fixtures or to hang your shower supplies on the shower head. However, these fixtures aren’t meant for that. A little extra weight can snap the fixtures off at the wall, resulting in an expensive call to your plumber and a renovation.

Doing It Yourself

You want to save money, so you tackle plumbing repairs on your own. While there are some simple things you can handle, it’s usually best to leave it the experts. At Buzz Plumbing, we see this problem often. You start a project, but something doesn’t get tightened, a part’s missing or the right valve doesn’t get turned off. The result is a costly mess that doesn’t save you anything.

Using Chemicals Often

Using drain cleaner for the occasional clog is one thing. If you have to use chemicals often, the corrosive quality could ruin your pipes. Plus, frequent use is a sign of an underlying problem.

The best way to avoid costly plumbing bills is to always contact the experts at Buzz Plumbing whenever you have a plumbing issue.