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Gas Plumbers Sydney

Gas installations and repairs

Our Sydney Gas plumbers are fully qualified experts in all aspects of gas fitting. We offer a safe, friendly service with rock solid warranties for your peace of mind.

Talk to us about your Gas Fitting needs, including;

  • Gas pipe fitting, installation and repair
    When you need gas pipe fitting done, you definitely need it done reliably – and Buzz Plumbing has the specialists to get those installations and repairs up and running as and when you need.
  • Natural gas/LPG conversions
    Got an appliance that you need converting from natural gas to LPG or vice versa? No matter where you are, in Sydney and beyond, our honest services cover all domestic and commercial applications.
  • Has hot water heater installation and repairs
    Hot water is expensive, and so finding cost-effective ways to heat your water and get your existing service serviced and repaired is important. Buzz Plumbing is here to help with gas hot water system installations.
  • Gas appliance installation and repair
    Faulty or broken gas appliances are not only frustrating, they can be downright dangerous. Our fully qualified gas plumbers are extensively trained and experienced in quickly finding out what’s wrong and getting it working again.
  • Gas meter maintenance, repair or installation
    Gas meters are an important feature at your place, so they periodically need to be maintained, repaired and new ones put in. Buzz Plumbing does the full job from start to finish with an affordable price-tag.
  • Emergency gas leak location and repair
    If you’re worried you have a gas leak, Buzz Plumbing will find which nook or crack it’s coming from! And if it’s a serious gas emergency, you can rely on our qualified Sydney emergency plumbers to be at your place pronto to end that dangerous situation.

Gas Safety Measures

If you detect a gas leak, act immediately.

You should contact a qualified gas technician, but there are some measures you can take while you wait for the gas plumber to arrive.

  • Turn off all appliances and pilot lights (eg heaters, etc)
  • Open as many windows and doors as possible to increase ventilation
  • If possible, shut off your gas supply at the meter
  • Call a licensed gas fitter on 1300 79 26 96

Buzz Plumbing is just a call away, so if you are experiencing problems, call us immediately for fast, efficient and friendly service.