5 Subtle Signs You’ve Got A Leaky Pipe

5 Subtle Signs You’ve Got A Leaky Pipe

Small, slow leaks aren’t always obvious until extensive damage has been done. This is why it’s so important to regularly check for the subtle signs that you’ve got a leaky pipe.

As water pools in your ceiling, walls or floor, you’ll notice some signs. The quicker you notice them, the less damage you’ll have. Just remember, when you notice any of these signs, contact Buzz Plumbing to fix the leak.

1. Ceiling Stains

As water accumulates and absorbs into your ceiling, you’ll notice small stains. These grow as the water damage worsens. It’s important to pay close attention to the edges where the ceiling and wall meet. Depending on the severity of the leak, the color of the stain could be light or very dark. The darker the stain, the worse the potential damage might be.

2. Floor Problems

While you might not notice stains on your floor, you may notice the flooring feels different. A leaky pipe usually damages walls and ceilings first, so consider it an emergency if you notice the floor feels weak or spongy. If a floorboard or tile feels loose or creaks when it never has before, there could be a problem.

3. Peeling Wallpaper

When water starts to leak into walls, you’ll see your wallpaper peeling in places. The moisture causes the adhesive to weaken. Of course, older wallpaper may peel without any leak pipes. However, it’s a good idea to check behind the wallpaper for any moisture to ensure you don’t have a hidden leak.

4. Musty Smell

It doesn’t take long for water to start to smell. When it’s pooled in walls or in your ceiling, you may notice a musty smell. The stronger the smell, the worse the leak. While it might be temping to just cover the smell with an air freshener, contacting Buzz Plumbing ensures you get the leak fixed so you don’t have a musty smell in the future.

5. Wall Stains Or Damage

Finally, wall stains or buckled paint could indicate a leaky pipe. This is one of those subtle signs that may be difficult to find, especially if the damage appears behind wall hangings or furniture. Try to check at least every few weeks for signs of water damage.

Think you may have a leaky pipe in your home? Don’t wait! Contact Buzz Plumbing to detect any leaks today.