4 Ways to Avoid Blocked Drains (And What to Do If You Have One)

4 Ways to Avoid Blocked Drains (And What to Do If You Have One)

Drain care is not something most homeowners consider. As long as water is flowing as required, the last thing you could think of is how your drainage system functions.  However, when clogged-up drains prevent the proper flow of water, the pressure inside the drain could exceed and lead to a leak or rupture.

Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with blocked drains if you take the necessary precautions.  Remember that a clogged drain only reduces the life expectancy of your plumbing system and could result in other emergency plumbing repairs in the future.

With a few tips, you could significantly reduce the likelihood of your bathroom or kitchen drains from becoming blocked.

Here are some ways to avoid blocked drains.

Install a Plug Screen over the Plughole

A plug screen prevents dirt and debris from going down the drain. This item is useful for kitchen and bathroom sinks. In the bathroom, a plug screen prevents hair, beauty products, or soap from getting into the plumbing system, in the kitchen, it ensures that no food waste passes down to the drain.  There are different sizes of plug screens available, be sure to measure your plugs before you purchase one.

Avoid Pouring Oil or Grease down the Drain

A drain can comfortably handle milk, clean water. and other liquids. However, grease and oil could result in blocked drains as they solidify and set within the pipes. Getting rid of such a blockage is difficult.  Avoid pouring any oil related items down your drain. Instead, you could let the grease or oil freeze, wrap it up, and throw it away in a trash can.

Do Not Plant Trees near Your Drainage

Although planting trees in your home can enhance its overall appeal, planting them very near to your home can lead to drainage problems. This is because trees have extensive root systems which could lead to tree root intrusions. Solving this kind of problem can be costly. Consider planting a tree on the fence line or a distance away from your home exterior.

Teach Your Children the Importance of Maintaining the Drain System

Children have the tendency to put everything in the toilet. They could flush down their toys or even wipes just to see what happens. Teach your children the importance of drain care and the consequence of misusing the drains could have on the environment.

What Should You Do if You Have a Blocked Drain?

When faced with a drain problem, most people try to fix it themselves. You’ve probably seen lots of products that promise to unclog your drain in minutes. The problem is that some of these products contain harsh chemicals which could further damage your plumbing system.

There could be various reasons for your blocked drain. It is therefore, critical to call in a trusted plumbing professional, as you don’t want to pay a hefty bill to repair a damage you’ve caused. Buzz Plumbing has experienced and trained emergency plumbers who use eco-friendly methods for unblocking drains in Sydney.