4 Important Reasons Gutter Drainage Isn’t Something To Ignore

4 Important Reasons Gutter Drainage Isn’t Something To Ignore

Even a small blockage in your gutter could lead to expensive damages.

Gutter drainage may not be something you typically check on a regular basis. Most of the time, you just trust that it’s draining properly.

However, it’s easy for gutters to become blocked or partially clogged. If they’re not cleaned and maintained properly by yourself or your local roof plumbers, you could face costly damages.

1. Damaged Roofing

As water backs up in gutters, it has no where left to go but your roof. The excess flow of water around the edge of a roof damages the wood materials underneath the roof itself. Overtime, the wood weakens and may even rot, leading to leaks in your roof.

2. Corroded Gutters

Water is meant to flow freely down your gutter. Blockages cause water to build up in specific places. The result is a damaged gutter system. The gutter itself may corrode near the blockage, leading to holes and improper drainage. The worse the gutter is damaged, the more problems you face, such as the gutter pulling away from the walls, which could damage part of the wall where the gutter’s attached.

3. Foundation Damage

Your foundation isn’t meant to handle water constantly pooled up around it. Buzz Plumbing has seen buildings where the foundation had to be redone to avoid even worse structural damage. Your gutter spout causes water to flow away from buildings and landscaping. If you notice water suddenly pooling around your building, it’s a good sign that something’s wrong with your gutter drainage.

Ignoring this sign could lead to one of the more costly repairs related to improper drainage. It’s always cheaper to have your gutters professionally cleaned and checked.

4. Damage To Walls

A final problem is damage to walls. The weight of the water in your gutters causes the gutter to pull away from your walls. However, if the gutter corrodes, parts of walls could be subject to a constant flow of water. Much like your roof, this could damage the wall itself and result in costly leaks in your walls.

Want to avoid gutter drainage issues or suspect you already have a problem? Don’t hesitate! Contact Buzz Plumbing to see how our roof and gutter cleaning services can help.